We are taking part in the Andalusian Council Programme for the Sustainable Construction.

This Andalusian Council program aims to encourage and promote energy saving measures, improve energy efficiency and use of renewable energy in buildings in Andalusia, through the restoration, renovation, suitability for use and efficient installations. Grupo Dos, as a partner company of this program can help you achieve more effective energy use for your building in the following areas:

construcción sostenible
construcción sostenible

Wall coating and thermal insulation.

Insulating material for exterior trim of the house.

Insulation disposition in floors that are in contact with the ground or with no living spaces.

Insufflation of insulating material into the hollows of external walls.

Window renovation, including new windows with high thermal insulation.

Availability of sun protectors, including canopies.

Incorporation of elements that allow natural lighting, such as new glazed openings or windows.

Demolition of walls to prevent the passage of natural light, with or without addition of glass block walls or partitions.

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