Multitude of individualized services

In Group Dos we perform all types of construction activities in the civil, residential and tertiary sectors. Therefore, we count on our highly qualified team of architects, technical architects and industrial engineers.

Since our company’s formation we have developed:


Partial and complete rehabilitation of buildings and condominiums


Technical Building Inspection


Building works of all types of uses (residential, educational, hotel, leisure, etc.)

Acondicionando la oficina

Conditioning of offices and premises


Civil Works (steel, urbanization, etc.)

reforma málaga

Home Improvement

certificado energético
certificado energético

Management of housing cooperatives


Administrative processes of property development

Our company is approved by the Malaga City Council and is a regular provider for civil work projects in the city.

To be working for the City Council shows a mark of trust. The need to comply with demanding requirements makes Grupo Dos an effective, professional and serious company with extensive experience in the construction sector.

To view some of our work, click on our photo gallery.